Great Protection

Perimeter offers Both inbound and outbound protection against, SPAM, Phishing, Virus Attacks. Uses best of breed technology and real time adaptive technologies to protect you against 0day attacks.

  • Outbound and Inbound protection
  • Extensive Heuristic Spam Filters
  • Bayesian Filtering
  • Attachment/Archive Filtering
  • Spam Real-Time Blocklists
  • Quarantine Infected Files
  • Mail Bombing protection
  • Spam Image Analysis
  • Virus Scan SMTP Messages
  • Recipient Address Attack protection
  • Email Rate Limiting
  • Anti-Spoofing checks
  • Forged Sender checks

With the unmatched and powerful perimeter email security email comunications never will be back full of trash.

Communications hardening

Perimeter Both inbound and outbound protection increase and protect your communications deliverability. No more blacklists, policy rejections or mailserver downtimes. Perimeter strong mail cluster will take care about your mail service.

  • Outbound deliver cluster to increase your deliver rate
  • Inbound mail queue until your mail server is back online
  • DKIM signing and verfication
  • SPF/RBL checks
  • Multiple dedicated IP addresses
  • Approved senders (whitelisting)
  • Banned senders (blacklisting)
  • Fully RFC compliant mail delivering