Perimeter Email Firewall has detected define fraud in the website at “xxx”. Claiming to be: “xxy”

Phishing Fraud Warning has been trigered. Since Perimeter Scam & fraud policies performs a deep content inspection to all incoming and outgoing messages, it can detect and reveal most of the phishing fraud attempts, and will place a large warning in the email message, right next to the potentially fake link.

The internal url that contains the text does not correspond to that url as it links to another domain “” and this sort of practice is not permitted for users’ protection

The actions that can be taken are intentionally quite minor in their effect, as some companies persist in issuing email messages to their customers containing links that look like phishing fraud attacks. As a result this trap does occasionally trigger with a false alarm, but that cannot be totally avoided. Steps have been taken to adapt to all the cases of false alarms that have been reported, and the heuristic rules used to detect these are now very complex and reliable.

“Phishing” is a term coined by hackers. It is the use of email messages in which there is a link you are encouraged to click which appears to link to your bank or credit card company’s web site; in reality it
takes you to a fraudulent realistic copy of the site.