About us

Back in the 80s we had a use for junk mail: the fireplace. Unfortunately, someone in the 90s had a new idea for it. Another had an idea regarding viruses. Then malware. Phishing. Fast forward 20 years and we don’t have nearly as much junk for the fireplace, but we all have problems we before never had.

The idea for Perimeter came to mind while battling the onslaught of spam we encountered offering mail & communication solutions as spanish ISP. In 2001 Julian Field released a fantastic software called MailScanner. Here was a product that was robust and a powerful tool for fighting spam, and it still is to this day. However, MailScanner can be a challenge to manage for the uninitiated, even for those who have been doing it for a while it can be tedious. Thanks to Perimeter interface we can have te power of MailScanner and the ease of use of Perimeter web interface. This allows you to focus on what is important, which is managing email handling efficiently and accurately.

Perimeter takes care of the heavy lifting of building a complex array of configurations, cleaning your mail and allow you focus on your communications instead on junk and mail problems.